Who was in the wrong? London motorist mounts pavement during FURIOUS row with cyclist – Express.co.uk

The video, uploaded by Nick Finegold, shows the London motorist throwing cans at the group of cyclists from the car and shouting “move from my car bruv”.

The driver can then be seen swerving into the cycle lane before pulling back into the road and driving off.  

As the cyclists catch up the driver appears to repeatedly drive towards them. 

As the verbal confrontation continued one of the cyclists appears to have been thrown off his bike. The motorist can be seen having mounted the pavement as he exchanged words with the cyclist.  

London news: Motorist drives repeatedly at a group of cyclists on London Road (Image: NICK FINEGOLD)

All of the sudden a police siren can be heard and the motorist starts speeding in reverse away from the group of cyclists. 

A police officer appears to walk towards him as one of the cyclists tells them ” He tried to drive and run someone over in his car”.

The altercation occurred on Cycle Superhighway 7 in Stockwell, south London on Tuesday.

Each year more than 2,000 people are killed or seriously injured on London’s streets, taking a devastating toll on the people involved, their families and communities across the capital.

To tackle the shocking number of deaths, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan vowed to be committed to eliminating all deaths and serious injuries from London’s road network.

Transport for London (TfL) is now proposing to make 20mph the new general speed limit on all TfL roads within the Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ) by 2020.

After identifying 73 junctions with the worst safety records, TfL is proceeding with a major ‘Safer Junctions’ programme that will see significant safety improvements made at these locations to reduce road danger for people walking and cycling.

Mr Khan is investing a record £2.2bn in streets across London to make them safer for walking and cycling, and improve the environment for everyone.