One man stabbed to death and two more injured in London knife … – Daily Mail

A drill rapper has been knifed to death and two of his band mates slashed in a triple stabbing on the same street where his friend and fellow artist was shot dead in May. 

‘Incognito’, 23, died last night shortly after 7.21pm on Warham Street, Camberwell in south London where witnesses said he was stabbed in the chest before collapsing while trying to flee on his bike.

The rapper was killed only yards from where his friend Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, 17, was shot to death in broad daylight in May.

Last night’s murder is the 91st in the capital so far this year and the third in the Camberwell area in the past three weeks.

Both young men  men were both members of the Moscow17 drill rap outfit who have appeared on Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood’s YouTube channel.

Their gang from Kennington is involved in a violent feud with rivals Zone2 from nearby Peckham, which has escalated through various YouTube rap videos.

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Incognito, circled left, appeared with his fellow band mates Moscow17 – which included his friend Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, circled right, who was shot dead in May, on Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood’s YouTube channel, Mr Westwood is pictured rear

The victim has been named as a drill artist known locally as Incognito, 23, of Moscow17

Police have launched a murder investigation and arrested two men for the murder on this south London street where a forensics tent has been put up where he died

Incognito died yards from where his friend and fellow rapper GB was gunned down in early May

GB and Incognito both died in the same street close to the the Kennington estate where they lived

Incognito’s murder is the 91st in London this year as 2018 enters its eight month


‘Drill’ music, a hip-hop subgenre, is driving the feuding gang war in London, community leaders have warned.

Hundreds of videos on YouTube feature UK rappers threatening and provoking people from rival areas.

To ‘drill’ means to fight or scrap and the violent lyrics focus on gang life, drugs, guns and killing.

In one video viewed nearly three million times, rapper Digga D boasts about having to bleach his knife after using it to attack someone.

In another, entitled ‘Mummy’s Kitchen’, rappers Loski and Mayski, who are thought to be Londoners, boast about taking a blade from the family home. 

In the videos, which are filmed across the city, performers take care to ensure their faces are covered.

The link with fatal attacks committed against young Londoners is made clear under the videos on YouTube, where commentators speculate about which groups were responsible. 

Officers were called to Warham Street in Camberwell at around 7.20pm on Wednesday along with London’s Air Ambulance Service where all three men were found.

One of the victims was declared dead at the scene, the Metropolitan Police said, while the two others were taken to hospital.

A spokesman for the Met said they were awaiting an update on their conditions, and officers were informing the deceased man’s next-of-kin.

Two men were arrested close to the scene on suspicion of murder and remain in custody.

A police cordon is in place around the crime scene.

The attack happened on the same street where 17-year-old Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton was found with a fatal gunshot wound in May this year. 

Rivals from Peckham were blamed for the attack and Incognito and members of their gang wore T-shirts dedicated to a tribute march for Rhyhiem, known as GB.

Both GB and Incognito appeared alongside Tim Westwood in a YouTube rap video where most members were wearing balaclavas and hoodies and smoking drugs.   

They rapped about ‘splashing’ rivals – slang for stabbing someone repeatedly until they pour with blood – and bragged their south London crew is ‘known for capping’ its enemies which means shooting someone.

In June Incognito was interviewed about the influence of drill music on violence on London’s streets.  

On his friend GB’s death he said: ‘I’m still in shock. I just don’t believe it. It feels like he’s on a holiday. I don’t believe he’s dead. That’s the honest truth’.

He also admitted that drill music is leading to violence – but said that young people in deprived areas of London have nothing else to turn to.

He said: ‘The crime that’s happening right now – music does influence it. Drill music does influence it but knife crime and gun crime has been happening before drill music. Obviously it has gone up by a certain percentage and it could be because of the music, the weed, girls, it could be many reasons. 

‘But people want to use an excuse now. The government can’t solve the problem. They could bring out youth clubs, you could invest into many other things to help the community, but no you just don’t want to do that – you want to use an excuse and blame drill. 

‘Invest in youth centres, invest in a new 4G [football] pitch in the area. If you can’t take that step then how can you just blame drill music. What can we turn to?’ 

The victim of last night’s murder has been named locally as drill rap artist known as ‘Incognito’

One man died and two others were injured in a stabbing incident on Warham Street, Camberwell in south east London last night

Fans of the young victim have paid tribute to him on social media

Two men have been arrested following the incident this evening

The victim, who has not yet been formally identified, was killed on Wareham Street, SE5

Police have cordoned-off much of the street while they search for forensic evidence 

This evening’s victim was found on the same street where Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton suffered a fatal gunshot wound on May 7, 2018. The 17-year-old was shot in broad daylight

Police have been able to go to court to ban some groups performing on YouTube if they think it’s inflaming tensions between gangs.  

Incognito said:  ‘There’s success at the end of this for us so we’re just going to continue making it, regardless. They can’t stop us rapping. I’m a good artist. I don’t want to be vain but I am quite good and people want to hear what we have to say’.

Incognito’s has led to an outpouring of grief online.

According the group’s music label: ‘Today we have taken a very sad loss in our member @SK017_/Incognito, we ask for all prayers to be directed towards him and his family.’ 

At the time of her son’s death Rhyhiem’s mother Pretana Morgan called for a halt in the wave of violence in the capital.

She said: ‘Let my son be the last and be an example to everyone. Just let it stop. What must be, must be.

‘It’s not about race, it’s not about nation, it’s not about culture. Nothing. It’s just a human race.

‘Just one human race. So children, please let my son be the last.’