Man Tasered during cop shop break-in – The London Free Press

In an incident that sounds like a scene from the Dumbest Criminals reality show, a man was arrested early Thursday after he smashed a glass door at the police station.

Allison Gibson, who lives across the street from the police station, and some of her neighbours saw the confrontation between the man and police officers outside the building at 601 Dundas St. around 1 a.m.

“We just found it funny that somebody was breaking into the police station. You don’t hear that a lot,” Gibson said.

The man used a chain to smash the exit door near the entrance and was trying to enter the building, police said.

“Officers attended the scene from both inside and outside the building,” Const. Sandasha Bough said.

“The man was in possession of a chain. He was asked to drop the chain, and when he refused to do so a Taser was successfully deployed and he was arrested.”

Video of the incident obtained by the Free Press shows a shirtless man without any shoes being handcuffed just metres from the broken door.

“There were cop cars everywhere last night, a lot officers out here,” Gibson said. “They had an ambulance to make sure he’s (the suspect) is OK.

The neighborhood around the police station sees its share of crime, but this is a first, Gibson said.

Before breaking the door at the police station, the man smashed the front window of a nearby store on Adelaide Street and hit another building around the corner on Dundas Street, police said.

The smashed door was boarded up Thursday. Police estimated the damage at $3,000.

A Stratford man, 42, is charged with breaking and entering with intent, possession of a weapon and two counts of mischief under $5,000. He was scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

Last year, London police officers drew their Tasers, also known as conducted energy weapons, 102 times, up from 62 times the previous year, according to an annual use-of-force report. In three-quarters of those cases, officers only drew their Tasers rather than used them.