London Wants to Make Driving in it Even Worse – Gizmodo UK

London’s mayor has had an idea about how to make being in control of a car in the city an even more soul destroying and miserable experience – introducing a partial 20mph speed limit. Because of safety reasons.

Transport for London has been instructed to introduce the apparently plenty-fast-enough 20mph limit on 8.9km of roads within London’s congestion charge zone, a move that the mayor thinks will be positive for driver, cyclist and pedestrian safety, as experts say that being hit by a car trundling along at 20mph is about as damaging for you as a pillow fight or sitting down a bit too heavily.

Hang on, we should probably take this a bit more seriously, as the mayor’s announcement of a “Vision Zero” scheme to eliminate accidents includes the stat that over 2,000 people are killed or seriously injured on the city’s roads each year, with the project coming with a grand target of achieving a 65 per cent reduction in such road accidents by 2022.

It’s just the start of it too, with TfL hoping to limit a total of 150km of London roads to 20mph by the mid-2020s. London mayor Sadiq Khan said: “At the heart of our plans is reducing the dangers of speeding vehicles across London, which is why we’re proposing a new general speed limit of 20mph on TfL roads within the Congestion Charging Zone – protecting cyclists, pedestrians and all road users in the busiest part of the capital.” [Mayor]