London graffiti artist to paint Ontario Summer Games mural – The London Free Press

The Ontario Summer Games just got a little more colourful.

London graffiti artist Brad Biederman will be painting a mural of all 21 sports at TD Stadium throughout the Games next weekend.

“I’m pretty excited about it,” said Biederman.

He spent about five days planning and sketching the mural’s design.

“I was really struggling how to get all these sports included, but it clicked on third day,” Biederman said.

The design has a lot of hidden meanings to embody each sport. For example, the triangular sail of the boat with 18 in the corner can also represent the final flag on a golf course. There is also an archery target that doubles as a backboard for basketball.

“Some things you’ll have to work to understand,” Biederman said.

Painting is already underway for the mural on the plywood wall canvas about three metres tall by almost five metres in length. Biederman has never made a wall for his work before, so he asked two of his friends to help him create it.

“In graffiti terms, it’s a small wall,” he said. “When you think of little details with spray paint, that could be about two feet in length.”

Londoner Brad Biederman finishes painting a sail on his new mural for the Ontario Summer Games. He said the sail can also represent a flag on a golf course, which covers two out of the 21 sports in the Games. (SHANNON COULTER, The London Free Press) SunMedia

So far, Biederman has painted some of the background portions of the mural in his garage. He hired a moving truck to move the mural to TD Stadium next week, where he will finish painting.

Outside, Biederman will face different challenges to finish his artwork. He said he is closely watching the weather forecast. If there is heavy rain, he will have to put a tarp over his work.

“I can handle a light drizzle. The most annoying thing is wind,” he said.

The plan is for Biederman’s piece to be displayed in one of London’s recreation centres after the Games are done.

“To have it go inside a location is exciting because it won’t be affected by any elements,” he said.

A lot of Biederman’s work can be found around London. He said he is often commissioned for his work or given a space to paint by businesses in town.

Last month, he was a featured artist at the Masterpiece London street art festival. He now has two murals under the skywalk of the London Convention Centre.

The Ontario Summer Games is the province’s largest multi-sport event. The first of London’s back-to-back games will run from Thursday to Aug. 5, featuring 21 sports and more than 3,400 participants, including youth athletes aged 12 to 18, coaches and officials.

All events are free to attend, including the opening ceremony at TD Stadium on Thursday.


The Ontario Summer Games run Thursday to Aug. 5.

More than 3,400 participants, including athletes, coaches and officials
1,500 medals to be won
More than 1,100 volunteers
21 sports
25 venues, including Western University, Fanshawe College, Labatt Park and the Canada Games Aquatic Centre
$6 million is the estimated economic impact from the Games
All events, including opening ceremonies, are free to attend