India vs England, LIVE Cricket Score, 2nd Test Day 3 at Lord’s, London: Buttler resumes English innings with Bairstow – Firstpost

18:27 (IST)

After 28 overs,England 110/4 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 11 , Jos Buttler 12)

Change of ends for Shami. He runs in from the nursery end replacing Hardik Pandya. Concedes a boundary off the over that takes England ahead. Couple of more singles, including leg bye in the over.

18:25 (IST)

FOUR! Lovely stroke down the ground from Bairstow. Shami aiming to bowl wicket-to-wicket pitches little too full and Bairstow crunches it past mid on

18:23 (IST)

Change of ends for Mohammed Shami

18:22 (IST)

After 27 overs,England 104/4 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 7 , Jos Buttler 11)

Sharma with his natural inward movement causes some discomfort to Bairstow first and then Buttler. Bairstow gets the 100th run on the board for England with an insiude edge onto the pads as they scamper a quick single. Buttler shoulders arm to aball the nips in sharply, the ball does hit the pad but it was far away from stumps. Sharma strays in line and Buttler flicks it to the boundary. England now three runs away from India’s first innings total.

18:21 (IST)

FOUR! Full on the pads from Ishant and Buttler has no problems in clipping it away to mid wicket boundary.

18:18 (IST)

Bowling change: Ishant Sharma is back into the attack

18:17 (IST)

After 26 overs,England 99/4 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 6 , Jos Buttler 7)

Hardik continues post Lunch. Will be interesting to see when Virat brings in Ravichandran Ashwin. Pandya finds Buttler’s outside edge that goes on a bounce to KL Rahul at third slip. Buttler shimmies down the pitch and meets the ball, different approach to negate any movement or perhaps upset the length/ rhythm of the bowler than compared to the players who stand outside their crease.

18:15 (IST)

FOUR! Buttler just held the face of the bat open to steer it through gully as the ball rolls towards third man fence. Kuldeep loses the chase.

18:11 (IST)

After 25 overs,England 92/4 ( Jonny Bairstow (W) 5 , Jos Buttler 1)

Shami breaks the stumps at the non-striker’s end while getting into his delivery stride. He knocks the bails over and umpire Erasmus calls it a no-ball. Buttler works it off the middle stump to mid wicket for his first run. Bairstow returns the strike next ball. Shami finishes the over with a slight shape away, getting a the outer portion of Buttler’s bat. England 15 runs away.

18:08 (IST)

Okay then! Time for the afternoon session to commence. Jonny Bairstow is joined by Jos Buttler. Shami will complete the remainder of the over after getting Root off the final ball of the morning session.

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords 17:34 (IST)

Root gone at the stroke of lunch.. Terrific session for Shami this… ball is doing something and he has made it talk… the most important batsman in this England line-up is gone… 18 runs to play with still and believe it or not, India are still in with a shout here thanks to brilliant Shami. 

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords 17:34 (IST)

Root gone at the stroke of lunch.. Terrific session for Shami this… ball is doing something and he has made it talk… the most important batsman in this England line-up is gone… 18 runs to play with still and believe it or not, India are still in with a shout here thanks to brilliant Shami. 

17:32 (IST)

Lunch: India started as poorly as it got. The lines were wayward and there was of talk of Ashwin’s early introduction even before the fifth over. But as the match progressed, both Shami and Ishant found their rhythm. 

Shami gave the breakthrough and Ishant then got rid of Alastair Cook with a peach. Hardik Pandya too was rewarded with Ollie Pope’s wicket, who displayed his potentinal, after a decent spell. 

The icing on the cake though was Root’s wicket. 

England are 89/4 and trailing by 18 runs. Fair to say that they are in ascendancy despite the morning session. India have to coninue their good work… 

17:29 (IST)

OUT! Huge wicket. Mohammed Shami strikes at the stroke of lunch. Keeps it on a length and the ball stays low. Root fails to bring his bat down in time and is trapped in front. Erasmus raises the finger and Kohli’s celebrations begun. 

 Root lbw b Shami 19(53)

17:27 (IST)

After 24 overs,England 84/3 ( Joe Root (C) 17 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 1)

Yes, no. Yes, no. England have already found themselves in a couple of tight situations as far as running between the wickets is concerned. This time around an early no from Bairstow avoided any mix-up. A couple of runs in Hardik’s sixth over. 

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician 17:25 (IST)

The last time before today, Hardik Pandya took a wicket was in the first Test against South Africa at Cape Town. He bowled 58.3 overs after that to get a wicket today.

17:22 (IST)

After 23 overs,England 82/3 ( Joe Root (C) 16 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 0)

Phew. Root chases a wide delivery and almost nicks it to Karthik. An excited Kohli has a word or two to shout from the slip cordon. Shami once again attempts to trap Root LBW but he flicks it through midwicket for a single. The over ends with three dots. 

17:19 (IST)

FOUR! Too full and on the pads, Root shuffles slightly and flicks it through square leg.

17:17 (IST)

After 22 overs,England 77/3 ( Joe Root (C) 11 , Jonny Bairstow (W) 0)

Pandya continues from the other end, and gets the breakthrough right away, trapping Pope lbw off the first ball. The debutant goes upstairs, but England end up losing their second review. Another appeal for lbw, this time against new batsman Jonny Bairstow, but a faint outside edge saves him on this occasion. Just two runs and a wicket off a quality over from Pandya.

17:16 (IST)

Couple of really poor reviews by England

On the bright side for Eng the remaining batsmen are saved of the horror of bad reviews because there aren’t any left #ENGvIND

— Kanishkaa Balachandran (@kanishkaab) August 11, 2018

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords 17:14 (IST)

Pandya has a wicket… lbw… Pope is gone… from the naked eye looked as if there could be some height issue… but no, it was out… Virat’s celebration showed how much he believes in Pandya and guess that’s what matters really… he has got the breakthrough… slow progress for India. 

Ashwin still hasn’t bowled though. 

17:12 (IST)

OUT! Pandya’s the one who gets the breakthrough in the end, trapping Pope lbw with a delivery that skids through and catches the batsman unawares! Pope tries going upstairs, but gets three reds in return, as England lose their second review. ENG 77/3

Pope lbw Pandya 28(38)

17:11 (IST)

Pandya’s trapped Pope LBW, and the youngster opts to go upstairs.

17:10 (IST)

After 21 overs,England 75/2 ( Joe Root (C) 11 , Ollie Pope 26)

Shami is brought back in place of Kuldeep, and Pope greets him in a new spell with a cut towards deep backward point off a short, wide delivery for a four. Pope goes for another drive three balls later, but is intercepted by cover on this occasion, and gets only a single. Five off the over.

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician 17:07 (IST)

Harlod Gimblett is the only debutant to score a fifty against India at Lord’s. He did that in 1936. Ollie Pope is looking good today.

17:07 (IST)

FOUR! Not the best of starts by Shami in a new spell, bowling short and wide to Pope, who cuts it behind square to collect another boundary! ENG 74/2

17:06 (IST)

Mohammed Shami brought back in place of Kuldeep Yadav. Can he get a breakthrough for the Indians in the last 30 mins of the first session?

17:05 (IST)

After 20 overs,England 70/2 ( Joe Root (C) 11 , Ollie Pope 21)

Pandya continues from the Nursery End. Singles collected by Root and Pope off the last two deliveries of the over are all that are collected off the 20th over. England are just 37 runs short of the Indian total, with eight wickets in hand. 

17:01 (IST)

After 19 overs,England 68/2 ( Joe Root (C) 10 , Ollie Pope 20)

Pope guides the ball wide of slip off the second delivery, getting enough time to come back for a second run. Three singles collected off the remainder of the over, with five coming off the over.

16:58 (IST)

After 18 overs,England 63/2 ( Joe Root (C) 8 , Ollie Pope 17)

Singles exchanged off the first two deliveries of Pandya’s latest over, with Pope guiding the ball towards the midwicket region off the fourth delivery to collect two runs. Four off the over.

16:54 (IST)

After 17 overs,England 59/2 ( Joe Root (C) 7 , Ollie Pope 14)

Maiden from Kuldeep, a much better over from the left-arm wrist-spinner, with the England captain opting to remain defensive in this over.

16:51 (IST)

After 16 overs,England 59/2 ( Joe Root (C) 7 , Ollie Pope 14)

Just two runs off Pandya’s second over, with Pope guiding the ball towards the midwicket off the last delivery, preventing the over from going as a maiden. Meanwhile, this partnership is already starting to look good, and would be a cause of worry for the Indians. 

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords 16:51 (IST)

Tighter second over from Kuldeep after an awful start…. India clearly missing a third pacer seeing as Pandya is bowling now… he lacks penetration as compared to Umesh of course… it is a tight call on balance for the Indian team. But that doesn’t make Pandya undroppable. Something to ponder over, albeit it is too early to pass judgment. 

16:47 (IST)

After 15 overs,England 57/2 ( Joe Root (C) 7 , Ollie Pope 12)

Kuldeep into his second over, and he keeps it much tidier in this over, barring the fourth delivery in which Pope picks a googly from the chinaman bowler perfectly to punch it for a boundary.

16:45 (IST)

FOUR! Wrong ‘un from Kuldeep, and young Pope picks it perfectly, punching it through cover to collect his second boundary! ENG 56/2

16:44 (IST)

Slip and leg-slip in place for Kuldeep. 

16:43 (IST)

After 14 overs,England 52/2 ( Joe Root (C) 7 , Ollie Pope 7)

Pandya’s introduced from the other end, with Kohli opting to deploy spin and seam in tandem after drinks. The all-rounder is off to a start much better than that of Kuldeep, giving away just three off the 14th over.

16:39 (IST)

Change from both ends. Hardik Pandya replaces Shami from the Nursery End. 

16:39 (IST)

After 13 overs,England 49/2 ( Joe Root (C) 5 , Ollie Pope 6)

Kuldeep Yadav is given the first over after drinks, with spin being introduced for the first time in the innings, and the left-arm wrist-spinner is off to a shaky start, conceding 11 off his first. Serves up a fuller delivery to Root outside off, one that’s met with a lovely cover drive that ends up being the England captain’s first boundary.

16:37 (IST)

FOUR! Solid punch through the off-side by Root off Kuldeep! A shot of confidence from the captain! 

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords 16:36 (IST)

First hour of pace and now spin is in… Kuldeep before Ashwin… he won’t be too far behind either.

16:35 (IST)

Right then, time for some spin. Kuldeep Yadav to bowl the first over after drinks. 

16:33 (IST)

Time for drinks.

16:32 (IST)

After 12 overs,England 38/2 ( Joe Root (C) 1 , Ollie Pope 5)

Middle stump sent for a walk… but Root had pulled out midway. He wasn’t ready. Shami affords a smile. He is keeping it in the corridor of uncertainty. Bowls his third maiden on the trot. 

16:29 (IST)

After 11 overs,England 38/2 ( Joe Root (C) 1 , Ollie Pope 5)

Pope gets off the strike on the first ball. Root does the same on the final ball. The other four balls were outside off which Root was happy enough to leave… 

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket journalist at Lords 16:22 (IST)

After a slow-ish start, this has become a brilliant spell from Shami… almost got Root… almost… definitely squared him up… and almost creates a chance at gully now… wonderful stuff… 

16:21 (IST)

After 10 overs,England 36/2 ( Joe Root (C) 0 , Ollie Pope 4)

After ten overs, Indian pacers have finally figured out the lines they need to stick to. Shami induced an edge from Root on the third ball but it fell just short of Rahane at gully. Consecutive maidens for Shami. 

16:17 (IST)

After 9 overs,England 36/2 ( Joe Root (C) 0 , Ollie Pope 4)

Two bad balls and one excellent delivery. Sums up the difference between England and India thus far in the match. While, England pacers didn’t give Indian batsmen any breathing space, India have been wayward throughout the morning session. Nonetheless, a beautiful moment in the ninth over. Pope scored his first Test runs. 

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician 16:16 (IST)

Ollie Pope’s batting average of 85.50 in 2018 CC Division -1 is the highest among players who played atleast four innings.

16:16 (IST)

FOUR! First Test runs for Pope. Short and angling in and the debutant flicks it in front of square leg. 

Latest updates: Hardik continues post Lunch. Will be interesting to see when Virat brings in Ravichandran Ashwin. Pandya finds Buttler’s outside edge that goes on a bounce to KL Rahul at third slip. Buttler shimmies down the pitch and meets the ball, different approach to negate any movement or perhaps upset the length/ rhythm of the bowler than compared to the players who stand outside their crease.

Day 2, report: James Anderson took five wickets and Chris Woakes dismissed Virat Kohli as India were bowled out for just 107 on the second day of the second Test against England at Lord’s on Friday.

Anderson’s return of five wickets for 20 runs in 13.2 overs left him just one dismissal shy of becoming the first bowler to take 100 Test wickets at Lord’s.

Woakes, recalled in place of fellow pace-bowling all-rounder Ben Stokes, omitted because of his ongoing trial for affray, removed India captain Kohli (23) and Hardik Pandya (11) in extraordinary fashion on his way to two for 19 in six overs.

In both cases he had the batsmen caught by Jos Buttler the very next delivery after the second slip had dropped each of them, with the ball going for four.

England captain Joe Root and India captain Virat Kohli. Agencies

Woakes, 29, missed out on England’s 31-run win in the first Test of a five-match series at Edgbaston, his Warwickshire home ground, because of fitness concerns after knee and thigh injuries.

“The first game back can always be tricky, especially when you’ve got world-class batsmen to come up against,” said Anderson. “But he handled the task brilliantly.”

‘Lick your lips’

England captain Joe Root decided to field when he won the toss, a combination of cloudy skies and a green-tinged pitch were ideal for Anderson.

“Some days it hoops round,” Anderson told reporters.

“With the experience we’ve had of bowling on flat decks and the ball doing nothing, when you get the opportunity like that you lick your lips and try to show off your skills.

“We exploit those conditions as well as anyone in the world.”

India’s Ajinkya Rahane, who was caught at first slip by Alastair Cook off Anderson for 18, said the conditions were just about as tough for batting as they could be.

“I thought the wicket, because of the weather we cannot control, it was to bat on,” he said.

“The first half (of the day), when the game was on and off, it was difficult for the batting team to switch on and off.

“I would like to give credit to the English bowling team –- James Anderson, Stuart Broad -– they bowled really well as a unit,” Rahane added.

After rain meant there was no play on Thursday, Anderson struck with the fifth ball of the match when Murali Vijay, aiming legside, was undone by late outswing and bowled for a duck.

Anderson then had KL Rahul (eight) caught behind, with India now 10 for two.

Run out

Soon afterwards, rain stopped play soon afterwards with Cheteshwar Pujara, recalled after Shikhar Dhawan was dropped, and Kohli then both one not out.

The last thing India needed when play resumed was a run out.

Yet that was what happened off the last of the 12 balls bowled between lunch and tea.

Pujara, who has shown in the past he can cope with typical English conditions,set off for a single off Anderson.

Kohli responded, only to change his mind and retreat.

England debutant Ollie Pope kept his composure, however, the 20-year-old Surrey batsman sprinting in from point to remove the bails rather than shying at the stumps.

No sooner had Pujara been dismissed, then there was a fresh downpour and it was not until 5.10pm (1610 GMT) that the match re-started.

Dropped slip catches proved a problem for England at Edgbaston, with Kohli missed twice en route to 149 — his maiden Test century in England.

England would have been entitled to fear the worst when Kohli, on 19, was dropped by Buttler, their limited-overs wicket-keeper, off Woakes.

But the very next delivery saw Kohli edge a Woakes outswinger and Buttler made no mistake on this occasion.

It was a similar story with Pandya, Woakes putting the disappointment of a dropped catch aside to strike with his very next ball.

Ravichandran Ashwin top-scored with 29 before he was plumb leg before to Broad.

Anderson ended the day’s play when No 11 Ishant Sharma was lbw for nought.

That meant Anderson got his name on the Lord’s honours board yet again, thanks to a sixth haul of five wickets or more in a Test innings at the ‘home of cricket’.

With inputs from AFP

Updated Date: Aug 11, 2018 06:27 PM