Glencoe boil water advisory lifted – The London Free Press

The boil-water advisory for Glencoe residents was lifted after three days Monday afternoon, after two rounds of tests gave the all-clear to the water system in the small community southwest of London.

A Sunday night watermain break thrust Glencoe under a boil-water advisory that extended through Tuesday and Wednesday and required residents to bring tap water to a rapid boil before drinking or washing food or dishes.

Everyone in Glencoe is entitled to four bottles of water for each day the boil-water advisory continues, Mayor Vance Blackmore says. (Megan Stacey/The London Free Press)

The cracked pipe gushed water down a residential street in Glencoe Sunday night, what Southwest Middlesex Mayor Vance Blackmore described as a “water park.” It brought with it the threat of contamination because a backflow of groundwater could have entered the system.


The boil-water advisory, announced by the health unit early Monday morning, was a precautionary move. Health inspectors suggested there was no need for public panic for those who drank a sip before hearing of the restriction on Monday, noting there was enough residual chlorine in the system to kill any harmful bacteria.