Dramatic shootout in London as police in car chase with masked men – Daily Star


SHOOTOUT: Police were involved in a gun battle in Forest Gate, east London

Officers were shot at and returned fire at the men after being called to an address on Lascelles Close in Leytonstone.

Police cars chased the suspects in their vehicle, which failed to stop as a number of shots were fired at the officers.

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the car was brought to a halt in Bective Road, Forest Gate.

A woman claiming to live in the street next to the shooting said at least two people had been shot, but police confirmed there had been no injuries.

Other eyewitnesses reported hearing “rapid gunfire”, and seeing “police with massive machine guns”.

“A number of shots were fired towards officers”

Met Police spokesman

The three men have are at an east London police station and a police cordon is at the scene.

National Police Air Service are also in the area.

There are images of armed police with a suspect on the ground next to a black BMW 1 Series with a shattered rear window.

Nearby resident Karl tweeted: “Gunshots. Police helicopters. 20+ armed police running up our road. Crazy times in Forest Gate.”


RESPONSE: Police units were on the scene in 15 minutes
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Sharing a clip of the scene on Twitter, Abu wrote: “Coming home after a long day at the hospital there’s been a shooting near my house, shots fired between police and masked men.”

A spokesman for the Met Police told Daily Star Online: “Police were called at approximately 10.45pm to Lascelles Close, E11, following reports of suspects seen in possession of a firearm.

“Officers, including firearms officers, attended.

“A short time later a vehicle was seen nearby which failed to stop for police and a pursuit was authorised. During the pursuit, a number of shots were fired towards officers.

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