David Bowie’s First Demo Found In Bread Basket In London – Billboard

A rock ‘n roll gem has been found in the most unlikely place in South London.

David Bowie’s first ever recording, long believed to be lost to the ages, was recently discovered by a former bandmate in an old bread basket. The “I Never Dreamed” demo is expected to fetch 10,000 pounds ($13,000) at auction in September, according to The Guardian.

Although Bowie originally pursued becoming a professional saxophonist, the then 16 year-old [who was born David Jones] was chosen to sing on the demo with his first band, the Konrads, in 1963. Unfortunately, the record label Decca and Rolling Stones manager Eric Easton rejected it, so by the time Bowie started to gain notoriety, no one knew if the musician’s early recordings had survived the test of time.

Decades later, Konrads drummer David Hadfield found an old copy of the track while moving houses in stashed away in an old bread bin and kept it secret until announcing the auction. “We had decided that we would do a couple of guitar instrumentals and one original song,” he told the Guardian. “I chose ‘I Never Dreamed’ as it was the strongest, the other two were a bit weak. I also decided that David was the best person to sing it and give the right interpretation. So this became the very first recording of David Jones singing 55 years ago… There is no other recording of the demo featuring David as lead in existence. Decca initially turned us down, but when they eventually gave us an audition later that year, vocalist Roger Ferris was the lead voice and David sang backing harmonies.”

Bowie died in January 2016 of cancer, just two days after the release of his final album, Blackstar.