Chalk artists use Victoria Park rink as their canvas – The London Free Press

Chalk one up for creativity.

Artists hit the pavement in downtown London this weekend for the street-drawing festival, Expressions in Chalk.

More than 30 artists took part in what is known as a “museum-in-motion” to create oversized masterpieces on the ice pad in Victoria Park, only steps away from London Ribfest.

Pastel colours are used to create the temporary images. On average, artists will work on their hands and knees for 15 hours in order to create the masterpieces.

London art teacher Krystal Caldwell was one of the judges for the festival. She created a piece as well. She was inspired by the Force chokehold of Darth Vader to create her masterpiece for this year’s festival.

“I love Darth Vader,” she said of the Star Wars villain.

Caldwell looked up different images and used Photoshop to create a reference photo for the artwork. She said it took about 20 hours to complete the work.

There are two awards given out during the festival: the judges’ choice and the people’s choice. Caldwell said it’s nice to be at Ribfest because there are so many people, meaning hundreds of votes for the people’s choice award.

The annual festival is free to attend and materials are provided to the artists. Anyone is able to apply to participate at the festival.

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Krystal Caldwell stands with her Darth Vader masterpiece she created for this year’s Expressions in Chalk street art festival. Caldwell was also a judge for the festival, where artists created oversized masterpieces on the Victoria Park ice pad. (SHANNON COULTER, The London Free Press)