Accessible parking: 236 tickets issued in week-long enforcement blitz – The London Free Press

Parking enforcement officers handed out more than 200 tickets in a single week, part of a city-wide crackdown on accessible parking scofflaws.

London city hall’s parking-enforcement department went on a week-long blitz July 9 to 15, visiting more than 500 public and private lots in all corners of the city.

Officers wrote 236 tickets during the enforcement campaign, each one with a set fine of $375.

Officers also seized 35 accessible parking permits because they were expired, fraudulent or being used by someone other than the permit holder.

The designated spaces are specifically for people with accessibility issues. They may have more space between parking spots, and are often closer to building entrances.

People without a permit who use the spaces are taking up a spot that could be used by others who need them most, city hall said in a statement.

“A lot of the feedback we heard from Londoners during the enforcement blitz was positive,” parking enforcement manager Annette Drost said in a statement. “Motorists we spoke with appreciated that our staff were out checking identification and expiry dates so that the accessible parking spaces were available for those who need them.”

During the blitz, officers found deliberate attempts from drivers to trick parking enforcers, including photocopied and altered permits and ones with changed expiry dates.