A Judge Dredd escape room is coming to London in 2021 – Time Out London

A dystopian London unlike anything we’ve ever known. Yes, yes – we’re quite familiar with the concept. But how about a sinister version of the city you’ll actually want to transport yourself to? As the next escape room to hit the capital in 2021 is set in a futuristic London that’s home to everybody’s favourite law enforcer, Judge Dredd.  

Judge Dredd Uprising: The Live Experience is an escape room and live action experience coming to London next year and from the same team behind the Crystal Maze Live. The multi-zone venue will be dressed like a vision of post-nuclear London, known as Brit-Cit. Here, you’ll explore in teams of five and over 150 minutes of action, as bandits, mutants and robots run wild. 

It’s based more on the British sci-fi comic book series than the Sly Stallone movie, with its creators working with Judge Dredd owners on the concept. The experience is said to be a mix of ‘problem-solving, action combat, live theatre, team and solo play’, where you could in theory choose your own ending. You enter the action disguised as a convict in a supermax prison – you can either choose to stand by the law or turn from it.  


Photograph: Judge Dredd Uprising

There will be mental and physical challenges along the way – plus, a laser-tag combat arena. And mega-cop Judge Joseph Dredd will make appearances throughout the journey, briefing you on your mission.

‘The experience is part comic book, part sci-fi film, part immersive theatre, part escape room, part action adventure and part indoor theme park… all wrapped into one,’ says creator Tom Lionetti-Maguire.


Photograph: Judge Dredd Uprising

Action across five different zones is said to end in the ‘New Old Bailey’, and it even includes a zone based on Piccadilly Circus like you’ve never seen it before – and that’s saying something after lockdown. 

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